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Academic Excellence

Aiming for Academic Excellence: An educational project embracing challenges and personalised support

At Mirasur School, we are committed to providing challenging opportunities and comprehensive support to achieve excellent academic results. Our goal extends beyond grades, as we recognize our responsibility towards our students and their families in supporting them to reach their utmost academic potential.

To achieve this, we present engaging challenges while our dedicated team of academic professionals offers personalised guidance and continuous support throughout the entire process.

We reward excellence

At Mirasur School, we value excellence and recognise the effort and good performance of our students. We are aware of the great work they do and that is why we reward and celebrate their achievements.

We offer a total of 6 'Mirasur Excellence Scholarships' distributed across different educational stages, covering tuition fees for one academic year:
  • Two scholarships are aimed at students completing 3º ESO and they can benefit from the scholarship during 4ºESO.

  • Two scholarships are intended for 4º ESO students and they can benefit from the scholarship during their first year of Bachillerato.

  • The remaining two scholarships are awarded to 1º Bachillerato students and will be effective during their last academic year at the school, in 2º Bachillerato.

In this way we reward effort and academic performance at different educational stages, providing students with the opportunity to benefit from the scholarships at key moments in their academic development.

The requirements to apply for the scholarships are as follows:
  • The average of the last 2 academic years must be equal to or higher than 9. If the student is applying for a 1º Bachillerato scholarship, the average of 3º ESO and 4º ESO must be 9 or higher.

  • Students must have attended our school for the past 2 academic years.

These requirements ensure that students who meet the academic criteria and have followed their educational path in our school can apply for scholarships. The scholarships may be revoked in case of inappropriate behaviour actions, that are not aligned with the schools values or if the schools coexistence rules are violated.

A personalised education

We base education on personalisation. Not all students have the same needs or concerns, which is why our teachers and members of the Guidance Department are constantly training to adapt classroom content to students with special needs and those with high abilities.

With this type of personalized education the detection of these adaptation needs in the classroom is essential to support our students.

Excellent academic results


The results of the university entrance exam (EVAU) have been 100% pass rate in the first call.

In addition our students have achieved an average score of 7,6 out of 10 with the highest score being 13,676 out of 14.

Among the top 25 educational institutions with highest grades

Moreover, our students' outstanding results have placed Mirasur School among the top 25 educational institutions affiliated with Carlos II University of Madrid with the highest grades.

With our approach of promoting fundamental learning skills and competencies for the future, in addition to achieving excellent academic results, we have full confidence that our students are prepared for a successful academic, professional, and personal future.

Join us for a private tour

Join us for an exclusive visit to experience our school in action and discover the remarkable opportunities awaiting your child.

We will be delighted to discuss your child's needs in detail and show you how they can benefit from a Mirasur School education.

An innovative teaching team

We have a motivated and excited teaching team, driven by the ambition and eagerness for learning, displayed by the students. This is to constantly search for systems to engage the students, promoting a deep and meaningful learning journey.

Our classes go beyond delivering content. We aim to awaken curiosity and a passion for learning in the students by fostering critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills.

All of this is made possible through our commitment to creating a safe, stimulating, and respectful learning environment. We also prioritize open communication with families, providing them with the necessary support and aligning with them to ensure our students' education thrives.

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