ISEF European Higher Degree In Sports

Ensure your professional success

The European Higher Degree In Sports (TSAF) is an official 2-year vocational training program funded by the Ministry of Education.

It is intended for students who wish to obtain an official qualification and pursue a career in sports, as well as professionals who want to specialise and enhance their training.

Advantages of studying in ISEF

Mirasur Sports Club

Enjoy the best sports facilities in the area, and as an ISEF Mirasur student, you become a member of the Mirasur Sports Club.

You will have the opportunity to train and enjoy the facilities throughout the 2-year duration of the Higher Degree.


At the beginning of the course, we provide you with a personal-use Chromebook to develop your digital skills and complete assignments while following the curriculum. You will also have access to the Mirasur Unlimited Learning Digital Library, where you will find resources to complement your education and knowledge.

English classes in the 2nd year

Language skills and competence in English will be developed.

The objective is to achieve oral comprehension and expression in English in order to pursue a profession in that language.

Soft Skills

Throughout the Higher Degree program, we focus on developing increasingly demanded and essential soft skills for full professional development. Creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork are emphasised. Our mission is to help you develop these skills to become a lifelong learner and a successful professional.

Mirasur School

Enquiries :+34 916 925 089
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