European Higher Degree In Sports

Become a professional in sport

ISEF offers you the possibility of becoming a sports professional through our Higher Degree.

With the added advantage of the Europass supplement accompanying our Degree, you will have the opportunity to pursue your career across Europe, opening doors to diverse professional opportunities in the field of sports.

If you want to dedicate yourself to sport, fill in the form and ask for more information or come and visit the Campus!

Discover ISEF

We don’t tell you about it, they tell you about it, the students of the first and second graduating class of TSAF at ISEF.

They tell us why they decided to study the TSAF Degree, what made them choose ISEF as a training centre for the Vocational Training Degree, and what their experience is after two years of studies and internships with us.

Our Programme offers you:



TSAF is an Official Qualification, so students will be able to access the grants offered by the Ministry of Education for Vocational Training studies.


100% employability

At ISEF, 100% of the students who have graduated receive job offers where they did their internships, in nationally and internationally renowned companies in the sports sector.


Personalized education

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals as a professional, attending to your doubts in a personalized way and offering the support and motivation necessary for you to successfully complete your degree.

Europass Form and Information

The European Higher Degree In Sports (TSAF), offered at ISEF Mirasur, is an Official Higher Vocational Training qualification.

It also includes the EUROPASS supplement to the Diploma, which enables you to develop your professional career throughout Europe.

Career Opportunities

After completing the TSAF Higher Degree, you will be able to pursue various professional activities:
  • Fitness conditioning trainer in gymnasiums, sports centers, and aquatic facilities

  • Fitness conditioning trainer for group workouts with music support in gyms, aquatic facilities, or sports centers

  • Personal trainer

  • Instructor and/or coordinator of hydrokinesis, fitness conditioning, and body care groups and activities

  • Promoter and/or animator of fitness conditioning activities

  • Aerobics, step, indoor cycling, aquatic fitness, and related activities monitor

  • Instructor for fitness conditioning activities for special groups

Additional benefits:



At the beginning of the course each student receives a Chromebook to complete assignments and follow the curriculum. In addition, they acquire digital skills as they develop the necessary abilities to create presentations, videos and professional-quality assignments.


Sports Facilities

We have excellent sports facilities for our students to develop all the competencies required by the Diploma: a semi-Olympic heated swimming pool, a football field, 6 paddle tennis courts, a multipurpose room, and access to the Mirasur Sports Club.


Soft Skills

Companies increasingly demand skills such teamwork, creativity and problem-solving.

Our goal is to help you develop these skills and become a professional who is constantly learning.

Learning through Practice

At ISEF, theory is essential, but so is practical experience. That's why our students have access to the premium Mirasur Sports Club from the moment they enrol in the course. Mirasur Sports Club is a sports center equipped with top-of-the-line Technogym machines.

Our students not only have access to different training rooms for their leisure time but also participate in classes and practices held at the Sports Club, providing them with a real professional experience.

Admission requirements

Direct Access

Access through examination:

We commit ourselves to help you progress in your personal goals, to assist you in giving your best, and to support you in becoming a sports professional who can help others achieve their own objectives and take care of their well-being.

– Pedro Sampedro, Director, Mirasur School

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